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Recent events have shown us that any parent or guardian can experience an emergency, such as hospitalization, deployment, deportation or death. Few have a plan to share important child-related information with the person caring for their child. The Child Emergency Plan app is a safe and affordable solution.


Do you store vital information about your child only in your memory?


Would you like to learn more about the Child Emergency Plan and why it is a better way to share detailed information about your child? If so, take a look around this section!

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Often, only one parent keeps track of things like their child’s allergies, prescriptions, and school information, among other things. In an emergency, parents may not get the chance to communicate essential information to those who will care for their child. This can worsen a situation that is already stressful. The Child Emergency Plan offers you an easy way to share this information. You can't predict or stop an emergency, but you can be prepared.

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The legal community promotes the importance of protecting assets and personal property through wills and other estate planning documents. The goal is to create peace of mind for you and your loved ones. It is equally important, if not more so, to give the person who cares for your child all the information they need to make the process smoother. Your child deserves the additional protection of the Child Emergency Plan.


We offer several features to create and store a comprehensive emergency plan securely. You can keep your plan up to date in real time and give access to a trusted person. You can also share a part of the plan by printing or sending a report in pdf format. The key features are below.

Keep Your Child's Complete Record

Parent Details

Add contact information for other parents/guardians, especially if they live in a different home.

Medical Details

Add medical information, such as allergies, medical providers, and other health-related information.

Child Care Provider Details

Add the daycare name and contact information, if applicable.

School And Educational Details

Add school-related information, such as the school name, school bus number, and student ID number.

Extra Activity Details

Add details about extra curricular activities, if applicable.


Add anything you want to share, such as bedtimes, personality, likes and dislikes.

Insurance Detail

Add information about health insurance coverage.

Supportive Persons Details

Add contact information for other family members, friends, or support persons.

Document Details

Add the location of any relevant or helpful documents related to the parent or child.

Legal Details

Add information about existing powers of attorney or legal documents related to guardianship or custody.

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